People live almost continuously bound up in connections with other people – indissoluble or voluntary and terminable.
They are shaped, socialised, follow learned beliefs and interpret the world in their own personal way.

In this respect, coaching – no matter what the topic is – always relates personally to the life context and reality of the client – and ergo integrates the interactions in the systems in which he/she moves.

A free preliminary talk offers time and space to get to know each other.

In a relaxed atmosphere we clarify your realistic goal, explore your current situation and find the best solution that suits you.

Only then it makes sense to agree on a cooperation.

In coaching sessions of 1-4 hours each.

At appropriate time intervals. 

At the place of your choice.

Absolutely confidential.

My approach to accompanying you is systemic, pragmatic and impact-oriented – individually tailored to your possibilities.

Please feel free to ask for special arrangements according to your needs.

In an established coaching relationship, coaching by telephone or in a video meeting is also possible on a situational basis.