System Constellations

… are best known under the term “family constellation”. [Link für engl. Wiki-Artikel: ]

The constellation of systems is a very efficient tool to make dynamics perceptible that are otherwise only recognisable by their traces/effects (like circular waves on a lake or condensation trails in the sky).

This process makes it possible to identify their origins and subsequently dissolve them or disempower their effect on the client – similar, for example, to a knee arthroscopy in which minimally invasive work is done on the exact spot causing the extensive pain and immobility.

An effect on other people within the system is often reported afterwards, but is not an expected effect of a constellation.

Systemic constellations are not only used for family systems, but are suitable for any kind of system – for example for body symptoms, intra-personal conflicts (parts party), organisations and structures of any kind, but also for viewing possible future scenarios (As-if) or for short orientation overviews of complex situations.

In principle, they can be carried out with any kind of “representatives” (constellation board, wooden or other figures, sock balls, sketches, …) – I prefer to work with human representatives in a real constellation for the greatest possible perception of systemic resonances.If you are in doubt whether it makes sense to work on your issue in a (family) constellation process, please feel free to contact me for clarification.