If personal issues cannot be satisfactorily understood and dealt with against their respective life background, it is advisable to take a look at the associated (family) system.

People live almost continuously bound up in connections to other people – indissoluble or voluntary and terminable.

Some difficulties arise from unconscious entanglements – mostly with the fate of individual members of one’s own family of origin: They prevent people from living their own life – successfully, happily, fulfilled – as everybody imagines.

Such entanglements must first be made visible and experienced in order to be able to work on them adequately – in addition to systemic elements in individual coaching, a systemic family constellation is suitable for this.

This work is often called “unravelling”, but this usually only describes a part of the process.
Such destructive connections can also be recognised and worked on in hypnosis sessions.Likewise in all other social systems such as organisations or associations, but especially in the professional context such as in companies, teams, authorities, new systemic entanglements can arise again and again, especially around the topic of power.